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Why you should have an independent audio player on your website

Numerous providers allow you to upload your songs to their platforms and then embed them again as a player with a link/HTML code on your pages. No matter whether it’s your own website or Facebook & Co. Why should you still include your own audio player on the website?

Your website vs. platforms vs. social media

Your loyal fans and of course potential new prospects who don’t know really you yet, would like to listen to your music. You should make this as easy as possible for them. How does this work easier than through your own website?

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself “no problem, I’ve got my Spotify player embedded, a Soundcloud player as well and what do I need a website for anyway, I’ve got everything going on through my social media channels!”

A few alternative thoughts:

Spotify – not every fan of yours or every prospect wants to stream. There are still plenty of people who like to buy music and you’d leave them out of this. And if it’s just one person, that would be one too many that you don’t perceive as a potential fan. You never know which person is going to bring you more fans or what potential other contacts are hiding with one person. Anyone who is interested in you and your music should be a priority for you.

In a Spotify playlist, you can also only put songs that have been released. Thus, you can’t react quickly or change something or even put in a track that hasn’t been released yet.

Soundcloud – the playback quality is limited and the upload quantity is also limited with a free account. To be flexible here, you would have to subscribe to Soundcloud Pro and you might be paying for a service that you don’t even want to use to this extent.

Social media – Relying solely on social media channels is a dangerous game. If these platforms change the rules, there’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how big your account is. Facebook has shown this with Facebook Ads, YouTube has already changed the algorithms as well so that it no longer depends on the subscriber count from your account as to how high up your videos appear after a search…and the platforms will make more changes sooner or later. This is their right and they do want to evolve.

So why have your own audio player for your website?

The reasons for your audio player on your own website

1) You set the rules

With your own audio player you have full control. The data is on your hosting server and you can send all fans and interested parties to one central point. Of course, you can also set links to the other portals there. So every visitor has the choice where to listen to your songs or excerpts of announcements – but you enable every visitor to listen to your songs immediately on your website.


2) You set the quality

You can use your own player to determine the quality in which the songs are played. Whether as a low-resolution Mp3 or as a high-resolution lossless music file – and without any recurring additional costs from a membership for a platform over which you have no control.

Of course, a good player costs some money. And there are certainly providers who charge a monthly or annual fee. But you are much more independent with this investment and pay for an offer that you choose based on your requirements.


3) Not everyone wants to stream

These people still exist, and I think they will exist for a while, who are not eager to sign up with every streaming provider. Who can say today what will come after streaming. No matter how the industry evolves, at any given time you can offer your music to your known and new listeners and even if it’s just excerpts from your new song or album.


4) You can more flexibly determine the content

In your own player you can…

  • compile excerpts from an album,
  • exclusively post full-length previews to Apple Music and Spotify release,
  • upload exclusive unreleased songs at short notice,
  • create as many playlists as you deem necessary.
  • or share songs for a limited time only.

TIP: Get your fans from the social media channels to your web site and try to get their email address. Then you will have the best and direct contact with your fans that you can have.

If they give you their email address – for example through a mailing list, you can direct them to a hidden page on your website with an exclusive playlist. This action can also be done for all new visitors to your website.

Solutions for the audio player on your website

A dedicated audio player on the website gives you control over quality, content, duration and additional flexibility. The audio player can be used as a tool to bring fans to your website and engage new potential fans with exclusive content on their first visit.

What features should an audio player have?

  • Uploading your audio data should be fast and uncomplicated
  • A flexible playlist should definitely have priority, so that you can create album-related, mood-related or genre-related playlists if necessary.
  • No limitation on the number of songs and playlists, at least not to the extent where you already reach the limits in one or two years
  • User-friendly and suitable for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
  • An automatic play function that can be turned on and off
  • The player should be customizable: Layout, size, color
  • How and where you display your player should also be up to you: as a plugin, widget or shortcode.
  • Of course, it would be great if you could also integrate other media such as YouTube videos.
  • Links to other audio services like Apple Music or Podcast Abo button
  • For analysis, statistics are helpful only for the audio player


Which audio player is suitable for this?

Since I myself use WordPress as the basis for my website, here are a few candidates:

A great overview of these and some other candidates can be found here at Kinsta – WordPress Audioplayer

On my mixing service site, I currently use the free version of the AudioIgniter audio player and am happy with it.

I hope you enjoyed the blog post and would be very happy about your sharing:


  • Do you use your own player on your website?
  • If so, which player do you use and what is your experience?

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