Introduction “The Music Artist Support” Blog

Introduction The Music Artist Support Blog

Today launches “The Music Artist Support” blog

With the blog “The Music Artist Support”, you as an artist – whether you are a member of a band or a solo singer-songwriter – will receive helpful suggestions and tips about music production. I am very happy about this introduction.

Are you just getting started with music production?
You are already fully involved and want music to be or become more than just a hobby?
You have already turned your passion into a profession and need help, tips or just a motivational boost?

If you can find yourself in one of these groups, then I hope to offer you a helpful support with “The Music Artist Support” blog!

The music business is a field that can change drastically in just a few years and it has proven this many times over. If you think back just a few decades, some things would have been unimaginable. With just a laptop and some software, you can already create a professional sound that can definitely establish itself in the streaming charts.

I myself have experienced the rise of the CD and the extinction of this sparkling disc is probably unstoppable. There are USB microphones that serve as an interface and simulate pre-amps at the same time. It’s crazy when you think about what you needed for a similar setup at the turn of the millennium. And streaming is as ubiquitous as Google is nowadays, because it may be easier and faster than thinking for yourself.

So it’s all the more important to stay up to date. To keep track of one’s own goals and at the same time to learn from one’s own and other people’s experiences. And exactly these aspects I try to include here in regular intervals.

The Music Artist Support – blog categories

This blog will include the following parent categories:

  • Songwriting,
  • Recording,
  • Marketing,
  • Organisation,
  • Hardware- & Software-Tools

I hope to always be able to give you helpful tips and hints that will make your life in music and business easier and ultimately better.

The idea for The Music Artist Support blog

The basic idea for this blog came from various podcasts that I have listened and still listen to. The whole concept to the platform was also created without a commercial incentive. I will avoid trying to enlighten you with annoying pop-up advertising banners other companies. Also with recommendations or if necessary also with tests of soft & hardware, you can assume that I approach these from own conviction.

This blog will always carry a personal touch and if possible will always present a “buffet of possibilities”. Which of these hints and possibilities are helpful and useful for you, you decide for yourself. And if you need support in your own phase of discovery – I’m happy to help you with advice.

Your feedback

As a music creator, you know this all too well. You write a song and hope to reach someone or even many people to tell them something. You are sending an emotion and you want to evoke an emotion. But does this message reach the listener and does it have a reaction? For you, it can only be guessed at first if you have a high number of clicks on a song stream, for example. But whether your song achieves the desired effect, you do not know 100%.

But if your fan or listener tells you his opinion and views and makes it clear to you what the song has triggered in him, then you have a real and tangible feedback for you. And that’s exactly how I feel about this blog, which is also new territory for me at first. With the planned topics and already received hints from friends as well as musicians from the acquaintance, I already have numerous ideas and plans. But I would like to respond to you and your wishes directly and of course get your feedback.

So I’m looking forward to suggestions, criticism and direct feedback from you to make this blog even more targeted and tangible for you.

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