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The technical and digital applications offer you almost all possibilities to independently record, produce and market your creative musical output. And even these applications are evolving enormously.

As a music artist, you can take full control over every step in the entire music production and marketing chain. In theory, you don’t need a studio, producer, label, distributor, booker, or management.

But just because this is all possible for you, it doesn’t mean that you are up to it and for many areas and activities you need experience and know-how.
And if you do all these activities yourself, it will cost you a lot of time, motivation and energy. The danger that you get lost in some topics and your joy in your actual passion – making music – suffers from it, is not to be disregarded. (I have experienced this point myself and it can take a lot of strength to get out of it).

And this is exactly where “The Music Artist Support” comes in and supports you in asking the right questions, finding answers and making the right decisions.

  • Which tasks do I want to take on besides making music?
  • Which activities do I want to learn and how do I approach them?
  • Which activities should I hand to someone else?
  • How can I write more effective and better songs?
  • How can I record my songs without technology interfering with my creative process?

With “The Music Artist Support” you’ll get suggestions, tips and ways to stay focused as well as develop yourself and your creative work.

Since the turn of the millennium I have been intensively involved with music – preferably handmade rock & pop music. I have sung in rock bands for many years, played about 70 concerts in Germany, learned to play different instruments (guitar, bass, harmonica, keyboard) on my own and acquired the skills for professional music production. Through my own active band time, I have dealt with the areas of booking and promotion, know the positive and shady sides of band organization and know, through the work in the recording studio, what is important in a song production. Besides my current online mixing service, I always keep up to date with the possibilities and variations that the music business provides and develops.

And all this knowledge as well as personal experiences I would like to share with you here on this platform of “The Music Artist Support”.

So feel very welcome!


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